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Works with New IRCTC Website.Info is saved in User's Browser. Please install Extension to proceed furthur


Info is saved in User's Browser. Please Fill Details and proceed with Booking.


New Features and changes inplace. Please Update extension. If unable to update, re-install the extension.

Irctc User ID:
Irctc Password:
From station:
To station:
Journey Date:
Train Number:
Premium Tatkal Fare Limit:

Additional Info

Boarding station:

Passenger Info

Berth preference
Opt Berth
Food Choice
Bed Roll
Senior Citizen Concession

Children Info (Below 5 years)


Mobile & Insurance Info

Mobile Number:

Booking Preferences (OPTIONAL)

Payment Info

Please Select Payment Mode to Proceed :


IRCTC Transaction Charge : An amount of ₹ 10 + Applicable GST will be deducted as IRCTC eWallet service charge.


1. Mobile applications having Scan & Pay option should be used

2. A unique QR code will be displayed for the particular transaction.

3. Using the mobile application, scan the QR code and initialise the transaction

4. If any PIN is prompted by the bank application,Enter the PIN to complete the transaction.


Filling of bank details for automation is completely users choice. we never store any data in our servers.

This is the test message


Please Accept the Terms and Conditions.

Steps for Using Our Extension


  • Click on the Install Extension button and you will be redirected to Webstore.Add the Extension to the browser.
  • Make sure you update the extension to latest version whenever available so that changes if any made in Irctc website will be updated.
  • On successful installation of extension,home page will be reloaded. If not, Please reload the homepage.

Filling Details

  • Provide the details of the journey in the website. Make sure that the Journey Details are accurate.This is make sure that you will not face any trouble during the Ticket Booking.
  • Filling of all the Details in our Tatkal Form is not Mandatory. Details that are not given in our website can be filled Manually during the Ticket Booking.
  • For clicking Book Now button automatically,below details are mandatory.
    • Train Number
    • Date of Journey
    • Class of Journey
    • Quota

Saving Details

  • Once all the details are Filled, click on the Save Button.
  • "Details Saved/Updated Successfully" Message will be displayed on saving the Info.
  • If there are any errors while saving Info, details will be displayed. In that case, you can try clicking save button again or reload the page and try again.
  • Also, When you click the Open IRCTC Page, Details will be saved before opening the IRCTC Website.

Proceed With Booking

  • After saving the details successfully, Open the IRCTC Website in the same tab or in a new tab.
  • Details that are given in the form will be filled automatically.User has to enter Captcha/ OTP wherever required.
  • If all the Details are not provided while saving the form, Make sure you provide those details during the Ticket booking.

Will the Autofill works on the Latest Version of IRCTC Website ?

YES. Autofill works with the Latest Version of the IRCTC Website. If there are any changes, we will be updating the extension accordingly and will be notifying the user to update the extension as well.

What browsers does the autofill supports ?

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Extension can be installed from the respective web/app stores for free.

How does it work ?

Please Install the extenion, save the details in the form and open IRCTC Website and you can see your details filling automatically. If you have any queries regarding usage, check the How It works Tab.

Where will i pay the Ticket fare ?

Payment will be done from the IRCTC website with the respective bank you choose. Our Extension will autofill the details provided by the user.

What about the security of the data saved ?

Details saved in the form will be stored in encrypted format in the User's Web browser only. We do not have any servers to save those information

Will i get a confirmed Ticket by using this extension ?

Our Extension will autofill the details saved by the user. We cannot guarantee about the confirmation of the ticket.
Autofill of the details provided by the user and saving valuable seconds during the process of ticket booking is our main motive.

Is filling of all the details in the form mandatory ?

It's NOT. Details that are saved in the form will be autofilled during the Ticket booking process.
Details that are not provided in the form has to be filled by the user manually while booking the ticket.

How do i know about the updates to the extenion ?

When we release a latest version, we will be notifying the user's to update extension.
Also,Extensions will be automatically updated by the browser in frequent intervals of time.If not, user's can manually update their extenions.

Where does my Information saved ?

Details provided by the user will be saved in the User's Web browser itself in an Encrypted format. We do not have any servers to store those information.

What should i do if my Extenion is not working properly ?

Clear the data stored in your browser by clicking clear data button. Even if it doesn't work, re-install the extension and try again.
If you still face issue,drop a mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

what if the banking details provided is misleaded ?

we are not responsible for any misuse of your banking details.
your bank details are stored in your browser in encrypted format and we will not be aware of your banking related information.

Do you have any relation to irctc website ?

we are not affiliated/has no connection with IRCTC.
we are just automating the process of ticket booking.

Who should use this ?

Anyone except IRCTC Agents can use this.
IRCTC Agents are strictly prohibited for using of this Service.

How do i remove data that is stored in extension or browser ?

you can clear data by clicking clear data button or clear cache to remove the stored data.
Uninstalling the extension completely deletes your information stored in the browser.

What should i do if i need to do parallel transactions ?

As we support both Chrome and Firefox, you can use two different browsers for parallel transactions.
As all the information is stored in the browser, you cannot use the same browser for parallel transactions.

After successful transaction, will my data still present in the browser ?

On successful transaction, your data is removed from the browser.
if your transaction is failed, please press clear data button or clear the cache to remove information from your browser.

I have used the automation, unfortunately my ticket isn't booked. what should i do now ?

We do not provide any guarantee for ticket confirmation. Usage of irctc automation is completely user's choice.

Steps for Updating Google Chrome Extension Manually

Google chrome Extensions will get updated automatically in background at some scheduled intervals of time.
If you have to update an extension before the next scheduled update is triggered, you can still update the extension manually.

Please follow below simple steps one by one to update chrome extensions

  • 1. Open the Google Chrome browser in your Computer.(Guess you are reading it in chrome itself :-P)

  • 2. Open the Chrome extensions page using any of the below method.
    • Type the url "chrome://extensions/" in the address bar.
    • Click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal dots) on the top right of the chrome browser. More tools -> Extensions

  • 3. In the Chrome Extensions Page, you can see Developer mode on the top right with a toggle button (off unless you enable it). Enable the toggle button.

  • 4. Once you enable the toggle button, you can see update button on the top just below the search extensions tab.

  • 5. Click on the update button to update all the extensions that are installed in your browser.

  • 6. In some browser versions, once the update button is clicked, at the bottom left there will be info as "updating..." and it will not get removed even after the extensions are updated.
    Please ignore it as extensions will be updated in very few seconds.

  • 7. close the extensions tab and reload the page to continue using the extension.

If still the above method doesn't work, just remove the extension and re-install it.
Always the latest published version will be installed when you remove and install it again.

Steps for Updating Firefox Extension(Add-ons) Manually

Firefox has the mechanism of automatically detecting the update of all the installed Add-ons(also called as extensions) by default and update those Add-ons unless you disble it.
No Worries about the default setting, you can still try to update the Add-ons Manually even if the firefox has not updated your Add-ons

Please follow below simple steps one by one to update Firefox Add-ons(Extensions)

  • 1. Open the Firefox browser in your Computer.(Guess you are reading it in firefox itself :-P)

  • 2. Open the Add-ons page using any of the below method.
    • Type the url "about:addons" in the address bar.
    • Click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) on the top right of the firefox browser. From the popup it has opened, you can select Add-ons button.
    • click "ctrl + shift + A" once you open a window in the firefox browser

  • 3. In the Firefox Add-ons Page, you can see a settings icon. click on the settings icon and you can see a popup opened.

  • 4. In the pop-up click on the "Check for Updates" button and you will be able to see the list of firefox Add-ons that has an update which is not installed in your browser

  • 5. For each Add-on that has an update, it will show a update button. click on that button to update the Add-on and it will be updated automatically.

  • 6. close the Add-on tab and reload the page to continue using the extension.

If still the above method doesn't work, just remove the Add-on and re-install it.
Always the latest published version will be installed when you remove and install it again.

Thank You For Visiting us and We are glad to Welcome you..!!!

Getting a Confirmed Tatkal Ticket is one of the toughest task these day due to the high traffic and increasing necessity of it. But the good news here is you have reached to a Right Place and Right Choice. We are here to help you in getting a confimed Tatkal Ticket with the help of our Web Extensions.

Our Website helps in autofilling the details of your travel with the help of Extensions / Add-ons. We Gather the information from the user and when the user opens IRCTC website, our extensions helps in autofilling all the details provided by you.

The only thing user needs to make sure is that user is having good internet connection and the details that are filled in our website are accurate. Then User needs to fill CAPTCHA / OTP in IRCTC Website that is displayed during the process of booking.

  •  How does it work ?

Information of Journey details needs to be given by the user before the start of booking. Those details will be saved in the user's browser in encrypted format and Extensions will be used to autofill those details.
For detailed information about the working visit HOW IT WORKS? page.

  • what user has to do?

Fill out the form in our Website and open IRCTC website just before 2 mins.
During the ticket booking process, Enter the CAPTCHA/OTP wherever required.

  • How much time does it takes to book a ticket ?

If all the details(including payment) is provided in the form, then it takes as much time as you take to enter CAPTCHA/OTP.
One more factor that depends on the time is the INTERNET speed.

  • Do i need to pay extra money by using it?

ABSOLUTELY ZERO. We are providing a completely free service. we do not charge even a penny for your transactions.

You can help us by spreading the news about our website to your friends and help us in serving more people.

So, is the perfect destination to get a confirmed tatkal ticket. Also, Keep no worries about 

  • Booking a TATKAL ticket in IRCTC ?
  • Missing  ticket confirmation due to delay in filling details?


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